The cash monkey is a Pawnbrokers Mansfield. They made selling and buying of goods convenient as ever before.
This pawn shop basically deals in exchange for goods with currencies or other
goods or cash money. A trustworthy exchange shop one must visit. The cash
monkey store offers different exchange services including currency exchange,
selling, buying, car sales deals and cashing the cheque.

Currency exchanges as the name suggested offers
the conversion of UK pound to any other foreign currency. They claim to offer
the best conversion rate which is true. Selling service includes conversion of
goods into cash. In this service, a client brings in the product or goods or
any household item that is no more desired or required. Such items are
exchanges for money in other terms cash monkey buys them from customer to fulfill their cash need. One can bring anything
for selling like mobile, jewelry,
household stuff or electronics. They fairly convert the item into money. For jewellery, the price is paid according to the
current rate and weight. Besides selling the client can also avail their buying
service. One can visit the shop for buying the products mostly jewelry items. They also offer reservation
services implies, one can reserve a piece for certain defined time. Car sale
service is also commendable one can sell the used car here and get an optimal
price while other can also buy a used car at a fair price. Cashing cheque
service is their core, people are hesitant of visiting and waiting in banks to withdraw
money from cheque they offer instant cash on a cheque after having few verifications.


A known pawn shop that offers comparative best
rates for every product. Highly cooperative staff with an incredible collection
of jewelry. Besides their spectacular
services, they do not trap customers through false statements. Whatever they
explain in their services are true. Furthermore, there or no hidden charges of
services offered by the cash monkey store. Make deals clearly with no
additional taxes or charges. The offering of the exchange rate is best as
compared to all the competitors in the UK. They make exchanges in a fair manner
with complete justice. For a greater customer experience, they have a buy-back option
for a customer who does not want to sell their products but needs cash. Reserve
the clients product or any item for up to 28 days and offer to return it at the
same rate without any additional cost. A trustworthy, reliable and highly
recommended shop for exchanging product items.

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